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“ I bedded all 7 girls ”
I got to thank you Jesse, I was already pretty good with the ladies but this has put me on fire. Of the last 7 dates I've been on, I bedded all 7 girls same night lays. You've helped put a big smile on my face (7 times).
“ With both intimately ”
I came out of divorce and dating has completed changed in the 20 years. I'm now seeing a girl from my dance class, and the other is a school teacher. With both intimately. You got me back on track Jesse.
“ She's now my supportive girlfriend ”
She didn't give me the time of day. Fair enough, I'm not exacty tall dark and handsome. Long story short, she's now my supportive girlfriend. I've even got her watch episodes of Star Trek with me ;)
“ Have banged 11 women and counting ”
Jesse you made talking to women fun. Now I actually look forward to my dates instead of dreading it. Like you said, women love a man with the gift of gab (Have banged 11 women and counting since by the way)
“ Its hard to keep up with her sex drive ”
Bless you Jesse you got me out of the friend zone with her. Its hard to keep up with her sex drive. Shes even jealous now when I talk to anyone else. You created a monster.
“ Got 6 phone numbers (2 were super hotties) ”
Decided to try this at a club I like to go to. Had every girl I opened laughing and giggling. Even the bitch faced ones cracked opened. Got 6 phone numbers (2 were super hotties) with many more Instagrams. I'm impressed so far.. very impressed.
“ I can barely keep up with both ”
Sleeping with a 26 y/o and a 32 y/o. The 26 y/o likes drama but is sweet and loyal while the 32 y/o is a tigress in bed she's a firecracker. I can barely keep up with both now I have my hands full. Thanks Jesse I'm turning 59 this May you've made an old grump like me very happy and exhausted.
“ Talked my way into bed with 3 clients ”
I'm a gym trainer so I have a lot of time to talk, and I've talked my way into bed with 3 of my clients. One is married, two have boyfriends. I'm 42, and the girls are 22, 23, and 37 respectively. There's another age 19 I can tell she's DYI but haven't pulled the trigger.
“ Evil genius brilliant ”
You're amazing Jesse. This is brilliant. Evil genius brilliant.
“ I have about 8 girls chasing me ”
There is a downside to it all though... I have about 8 girls (the ones I practiced on) chasing me around now and trying to nail me down. The fact that I’m avoiding them just makes them want me more, lol, I guess they like that roguish charm and the “hard to get” thing. Is there a way to safely ditch them??
“ She is melting in my hands like butter ”
My life just made a major turn around thanks to your program. I have been talking to one lady for quite awhile but I never talked to her the way I should have in the beginning. Now I am practicing these techniques on her an she is just melting in my hands like butter. Thanks Jesse it really works! Watch out ladies here I come!
“ I’m more popular than ever ”
A senior in high school at age 18 I had never been on a date, but after a week of your program I was asked out by a 110lb cutie. I wound up going to the prom with three girls all lookers. I can talk more freely with others around me and I’m more popular than ever.
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