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10x Your Results with Girls Even Faster:

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I'll Personally Mind Dump Everything I Know Directly Into Your Brain

Every time a person steps up and invests in my program, the first thing they want to know is:

What is the FASTEST way I can get results right now?

What is the QUICKEST way to start seeing results right away?

Well, if you want to learn how to captivate a beautiful girl’s attention even faster…

You can grab a 1-on-1 coaching package with me…

Where I’ll hop on the phone with you every week for an HOUR over the course of THREE weeks…

And mind dump everything I know directly into your brain!

Sit Back and Relax... Let Me Do All The Hard Work For You

First, I’ll ask you some questions so I know exactly what situation you’re in, what your goals are, and what you’re struggling with.

I’ll help pinpoint exactly what’s holding you back…

And what is most going to help you in the fastest way possible…

I’ll clearly explain exactly how the Magic Box method works…

So that you “get it” right away and hit the ground running getting cute girls without wasting any time…

But more than that, I’ll also help you practice it… so that you become a cracker jack expert with the technique even quicker.

Swipe All My Top Secrets I Keep Only For Myself

I’ll also give you bonus tips that I keep close to my vest… 

Techniques I normally only reveal for my personal coaching clients…

And I’ll answer any other questions you have about girls and dating.

You’ll also get 3 weeks of direct support with me…

Where you can message me anytime of the day if you need any help…

So if you spot a girl you want to talk to…

And you’re not sure quite what to do…

Or you find yourself hesitating…

Or you’re not sure what to move to make or what to do…

Just message me and I’ll help you out on the spot.

With my direct support being your mentor, your guide, your personal coach…

You’ll date the beautiful, younger girls you really want even faster.

So hit the GREEN button to get started… and we’ll be in touch!

Your coach,


“It all makes sense now…”

Thanks for talking to me over the phone Jesse. It all makes sense now, you really clarified things for me.  I already have a date with her lined up.




“Dating a woman 12 years my junior….”

Thanks Jesse for holding my feet to the fire. I don’t think I would have followed through if you hadn’t pushed me. Now I’m dating a lovely woman 12 years my junior- she’s lovely, sweet, and very intelligent. She’s into dressing up for me with lingerie and cosplay. I love that she puts in the effort to keep my attention.




“Gave me a lot of epiphanies…”

Glad I got the coaching with you Jesse. You’re a pleasure to talk to and you gave me a lot of epiphanies.




“Slept with 11 girls…”

You gave me the challenge to sleep with 3 women by the end of the year. Well I slept with 11. And I’ve worked out an alternating schedule for 4 of them so they don’t run into each other. Not sure how much longer I can keep this up…



Clicking this will charge your card for the full coaching

Clicking this button will NOT add this to your order and take you to the confirmation page

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