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I want to congratulate you on taking me up on my offer to buy “30 Seconds to Sex”…

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And if you don’t already have an online dating profile I’ll get it started for you so that you can have a top 1% profile.

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“It all makes sense now…”

Thanks for talking to me Jesse. It all makes sense now, you really clarified things for me.  I already have a date lined up with a solid 9.



“Dating a woman 12 years my junior….”

Thanks Jesse for holding my feet to the fire. I don’t think I would have followed through if you hadn’t pushed me. Now I’m dating a lovely woman 12 years my junior- she’s lovely, sweet, and very intelligent. She’s into dressing up for me with lingerie and cosplay. I love that she puts in the effort to keep my attention.



“Gave me a lot of epiphanies…”

Glad you fixed my profile Jesse. You’re a pleasure to talk to and you gave me a lot of epiphanies.



“Slept with 11 girls…”

You gave me the challenge to sleep with 3 women by the end of the year. Well I slept with 11. And I’ve worked out an alternating schedule for 4 of them so they don’t run into each other. Not sure how much longer I can keep this up…