Attention Men Over 30:

Here’s to Meet 20 to 30 New Girls Every Single Week on Autopilot Using a Simple New Method…

Without awkward conversations, lame dating apps, or changing who you are...

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Book A Free 60-Minute Dating Strategy Session With Jesse

Don't Fall Into the Older Guy “Spiral of Doom”

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    Step 1
    'Hope and pray' that things will one day change on their own... wasting YEARS of time.
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    Step 2
    Message girls online... only to be ignored and treated like you're invisible.
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    Step 3
    Think that a girl likes you... only to get suddenly ghosted and ignored.
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    Step 4
    Spend hours watching 'pickup tactics'... feeling more confused than before.
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    Step 5
    Awkwardly start a conversation with a beautiful girl... only to creep her out.
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    Step 6
    Fly to other countries to meet girls... only to empty your bank account and your pockets.
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    Step 7
    Pay for escorts... leaving you feeling rotten and empty inside.
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    Step 8
    Realize you’ve been doing it all wrong and wasted YEARS going nowhere.
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    Step 9
    Start the nightmare all over again (and jump off a bridge)

How Jesse can Help You:

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    Step 1
    My Transformation Frames… to get over any insecurities of being an older guy so you never have trouble breaking the ice with a younger girl… resulting in quick number closes and converting them into fun dates.
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    Step 2
    How to easily identify WHICH girls have a secret attraction for older guys… so you don’t waste time.
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    Step 3
    Where to meet receptive women and how to fit into the profile of the sexy older guy she finds attractive.
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    Step 4
    How to quickly relax and disarm a younger girl to make her open and receptive to you.
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    Step 5
    Fast capture engagement… to pull her into the conversation and turn her from warm to hot and friendly in 60 seconds. 
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    Step 6
    Using the 4 “S’s of Sexualization” to motivate a younger women to sleep with you.
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    Step 7
    How to uniquely position yourself as the PRIZE so that younger women chase after YOU… for YOUR approval.
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    Step 8
    How to build sexual comfort with her… so you can unlock her sexual past, her deepest desires, and her sexual preferences.
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    Step 9
    How to avoid the common “older guy mistakes” that 99% of men make that scare the girl away.

With Jesse's Help You Can:

Get out of the friend zone, even if you made mistakes with her before in the past.

Skip years of rejection and be the most captivating, alluring man she's ever met.

Eliminate your anxiety and create unbreakable levels of confidence.

Position yourself as the PRIZE so that young women chase after YOUR approval.

Avoid the common “older guy” mistakes that scare girls away.

Sexually frame girls to desire you for your older age and experience.

Here's How My Clients Went From “Alone and Invisible”...
To Having Girls Come To THEM...

...By Ignoring the Common Wisdom and Turning the Dating Game Upside Down!

Hi, I'm Jesse...

When I was young, I’d visit noisy loud nightclubs and hit on hundreds of women

I brashly ran up to girls in the street to say hello.

I slept with 100’s of women, and travelled the world coaching other young men how to do it too.

But what worked for me in my 20’s… didn’t work for me in my 30’s and 40’s anymore.

I went through a long dry spell where I felt awkward about my older age.  And younger women didn’t open up to me like they used to.

Girls began to ignore me, friend-zone me, and treat me like I was invisible.  The big age gap was killing my dating life.

How Everything Changed

Deeply frustrated, I realized I had to completely rebuild my dating strategy from the ground up.

It took me YEARS of “elbows in the mud” experimenting to figure out the fastest way to create instant attraction as a much older guy in his 40’s.

But all the hard work finally paid off…

Through meeting hundreds of girls, I figured out what really causes a younger woman to fall in love with an older guy.

I discovered how to reliably get out of the friend zone

And how to start a fun, sexually-charged conversation with a younger woman (and not creep her out).

In fact, now that I’m close to 50 years old

I do even better with young women in their early 20’s than ever before.

In fact, many younger girls have a secret fetish for older men!  (you just need to know how to play into it).

Now I’ve coached other older guys to get far younger girlfriends FAST.  Millions of men have watched my videos.

I can help you too.

A Few Recent Transformations

“I’d just like to thank you Jesse, I got laid last night with this girl I’ve been after for 2 years.”



Hey man, just wanted to thank you… I’ve gotten 2 lays so far, and I landed 3 more dates for this week.



Met a 20 yo cutie at bowling, pulled her into a conversation like you taught- date set for Saturday.



Hot girl from work kept ignoring me. She now hangs on everything I say and follows me like a lost puppy…



Jesse you’re my hero. 7 days in slept with my first woman at a party, 2 days later closed another from school.



I’m an old man at 54 slept with 37 year old, 29 yo, and a 26 yo thanks Jesse I’m happy



But Jesse, “What's the Catch” ?

Why is Jesse just giving these calls away,” you might be thinking.

Well, this is a strategy session where I’ll get a firm understanding of your situation and what your goals are.

Talking with a you guys keeps me sharp, because I have to help deal with the many different situations you throw at me.

But I also give free calls because many guys are so impressed that they ask me to get them get them beautiful girlfriends… as fast as humanly possible.

And if you’re interested in coaching we’ll talk more.

But whether you or not you become a client and have me get you hotter girls quickly or not is completely fine.

There’s no pressure on you one way or the other.

After all, I only have time to take a handful of new clients a year.  But that’s the reason why I’m doing this.

Why Being The “Nice” Older Guy Dries Up Women's Pussies

Ever wonder why girls can’t stand “nice guys”?

It’s simple: when you’re overly agreeable, women sense that you’re too eager and trying too hard… that you care too much about her approval. 

It’s an instant sign you’re low value.

She thinks, “If he’s trying this hard, he probably never talks to girls like me… other women don’t want him either.”

Women Notice When You Do ANY of These Things:

  • Agree with everything she says
  • Try hard to make her laugh
  • Double or triple text her
  • Give her compliments about her looks
  • Lean in and smile too much
  • Afraid to touch her
  • Spend money on her
  • Will say anything to make her like you

Once a woman realizes you’d do anything for her, there’s no chase or challenge for her anymore.  

You’re too predictable and too easy.  She gets bored and loses interest.

Women only want men they have to chase after, fight for, and work to win his approval of them.

But There IS An Easy Solution:

You don’t need to turn into an “asshole jerk”, or change who you are.

I’ve helped thousands of older guys like yourself turn their “boring conversations” into fun, flirty, sexualized charged excitement…

Until she’s body wrestling you into her bed!

My unique method gets younger girls chasing after YOU… while still being a “nice guy” and a gentleman.  And I’ll personally show you exactly how to do it.

Here's What You Can Expect

Become a top 1% man

It’s true: good looks help “grease the wheels” of attraction. But women will overlook your age and appearance when you can make them FEEL emotions like excitement, jealousy, and sizzling sexual tension. With Jesse guiding you at every step, you instantly become the most intriguing, alluring, captivating man she’s ever met… that top 1% man she’d do anything for.

Save money

Stop blowing loads of cash on awkward dinner dates that end in a friendly hug. You don’t need to shower her with pricey gifts. What girls really desire is to feel emotions around a man: excitement, the thrill of the chase, and sexual chemistry. Jesse will show you how to pull women into your orbit, while keeping your pennies where they belong: in your pocket.

Find real happiness

Don’t spend another week sexless, single, and alone.  Facing the day alone can feel dreadful without a beautiful woman to share it with. Studies show that sustained  relationships with the opposite sex are the most significant predictor of happiness. Jesse will help you win the women you desire, and end the loneliness for good.

Save time

I’ve personally known several stubborn men who tried to figure it all out on their own, only to find themselves YEARS later with no woman to show for it. Don’t waste years of your life stuck in the friend zoned and getting rejected, when you already have a coach and mentor who can show you exactly what to do.

Create instant sexual sparks

You’ve had conversations “fizzle out” and go nowhere. You made too much boring small talk or ran out of things to say. With Jesse’s help you can finally capture a woman’s attention, keep her hanging on your every word with exciting conversation, and ignite a sparkling sexual chemistry that lights a raging fire in her panties.

Break free from the friend zone

You’ve felt a woman suddenly “pull away” and grow cold. She stopped messaging you back, or you felt the conversation lost its spark. Jesse will show you how to start over with a girl, so that she sees you in a whole new light… as an exciting, engaging, sexually alluring man she would love to spend time with.

Why Do Most Programs Fail?

Other Programs

  • Generic advice like "be talkative"
  • Silly pick-up lines
  • Information overload
  • High pressure "pickup tactics"
  • Need to change who you are
  • Not tailored to YOUR specific situation
  • Only works for young guys

Working with Jesse

  • 20 years experience working with older guys just like yourself
  • We work around your schedule and lifestyle
  • Turn any boring conversation into fun and flirty instantly
  • Win back a girl you already lost
  • Quickly escape "the friend zone"
  • Sidestep rejection
  • Turn your older age into your unique advantage
I'll Get You a Hotter, Younger Girlfriend Guaranteed

I’m giving you a full 30 DAYS to decide.

If you don’t think personal coaching with me is the best and easiest way you’ve experienced seen for pulling a woman into your life… I’ll courteously refund you.

No hoops. No hassle. No fine print.  I’ll personally see to it you get a full refund, no questions asked.

I’m going to make a very BOLD promise to you right now.

I’ll get your a hotter, younger, and better girlfriend… guaranteed.

And what I mean by a “Girlfriend Guaranteed” is exactly this:

I am going to get you a hotter, younger, better girlfriend…

A beautiful woman who loves you and adores you…

On your arm…

Doing everything you want and dream about in bed…

Or you owe me absolutely nothing!

You get laid, or I don’t get paid!

And what I mean by a hotter, younger, better girlfriend is exactly this:

A loyal and loving girlfriend who is HOTTER than you could ever possibly and reasonably expect to get on your own…

A girl who is YOUNGER than you by a fair margin…

And a girl who is BETTER…

Meaning, a better match for you…

NO psychos, no crazies, no dummies, no gold diggers…

But a smart, warm, centered, sweet girlfriend…

Who loves you and adores you…

With her head screwed on straight.

The type of girl you show your friends pictures of…

And they’re drooling in jealousy…

The type of girl you can introduce to your family…

And they’re over the moon in happiness for you…

And scratching their heads how the hell you got her.

That is my promise to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have some “mystical secret” that sets me apart from you: I simply follow the steps.  Just apply the system, and that’s it.  Everything is repeatable by any guy with two arms and two legs!  In fact, you can achieve success much faster than I did, because you won’t have to make all the same mistakes I had to go through. You’re going to have the system just handed to you… which is exactly what I wish I had when I was first starting out!

A lot of your shyness comes form “not knowing what to say” and having bad experiences with women.  But as soon as you can turn any conversation into a fun, sexy adventure for the girl, a lot of your shyness will completely vanish and you’ll finally ENJOY talking to girls.

Of course! It’s not necessary to settle down with one girl right away.  Most guys do want a girlfriend eventually, but you can date three or four of your favorite girls… and only later decide which one is best for you.

Yes, I can help you get your ex back.  The same principles will work on her as on every other woman, to quickly make your ex fall back in love with you… and be more fiercely loyal than ever.

My video channel has over 25,000 subscribers with videos going back over 10 years.  I take pride in working 1-on-1 with clients, many who go on to become dear friends of mine.  With this program my reputation is on the line, and that’s why I pour my heart and soul into getting you results.

I love women and feel women should be treated with respect.  That’s why everything I teach you to get amazing girls is ethical and feels right.  I’m going to show you how to be successful with women in an honest way… that’s honest to the girl, and honest to yourself… and in a way that feels natural and true to you.

A lot of younger women secretly dream about and crush on OLDER men.  You also have the advantage of “sneaking under her radar”.  The key is you have to capture her imagination and her dreams with your WORDS.  I have many clients in their 60s and 70s dating far younger women in their 20s and 30s- it’s simply a matter of trusting in the process.

I need to review your application first.  If everything looks good, I’ll get in touch with you and see if you’re a good fit for coaching.

I know plenty of tall, good looking guys who really struggle with women because they sound like BORING “nice guys”.  As long as you know how to pull a girl into a conversation and get her hanging on your every word, women will IGNORE your height.  Yes, women like tall men, but they’ll stick around for the man who can make her laugh and make her feel the sexual tingles with his words.

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